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Urinary incontinence is thought to affect between 10% – 40% of women over the age of 18, yet so few of them ever disclose this problem to their primary care doctors. Whether out of embarrassment or shame, this common condition is overlooked. In fact, some women may not even know that they have a form of incontinence; they use the restroom so frequently that it has become normal.

Urinary incontinence can arise from reproductive episodes, such as pregnancy and abortion, as well as obesity and hormonal fluctuations from menopause. Medical experts advise women who can no longer contain their urine when sneezing, coughing, or exercising to disclose this to their doctors to they can explore ways of treating it. Left untreated, incontinence from bladder weakness typically gets worse and affects one’s quality of life. Indeed, over half of women who are in their 50′s are negatively affected by urinary incontinence.

Instead of accepting incontinence as a rite of passage, women should talk to their doctors and determine ways it can be treated. They may find that simple, straightforward bladder training will go a long way to correct this condition.

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