Neurology Patients with Incontinence Need Regular Assessments

Neurology Patients with Incontinence

For people who have multiple sclerosis or have had a stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, or suffered another neurological condition, a new 2012 clinical guidance encourages health care professionals in England and Wales to perform a thorough assessment of their urinary problems. These assessments include collecting data from such patients about their urinary tracts, neurological symptoms, reproductive health, and medications and other interventions.

This guidance came about from the efforts of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence [NICE] in an effort to increase supports for people who have experienced a neurological condition. Its experts indicate that incontinence is common for such patients, causing problems exacerbated by limited mobility, eyesight, and hand function that result from stroke or other neurological conditions. By gathering information which specifically examines the role these factors play, health care professionals hope to better inform incontinence management strategies for patients and their caregivers.

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