The Importance of Urinary Incontinence Pads in Managing Enuresis

Definition and Effects
Enuresis is a subtype of urinary incontinence, the medical term used to describe the inability to control the flow of urine due to a variety of reasons.  The term nuresis is usually reserved for bedwetting. Bedwetting (enuresis) can affect men and women of all ages. In children under six years old, enuresis is common but in adults, it is always a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

The uncontrollable passage of urine at any time can cause embarrassment and awkward situations. This is especially pronounced in patients with enuresis. Some people with incontinence would rather withdraw from society, become reclusive, aloof and depressive. Many incontinent patients suffer in silence due to the stigma attached to the affliction. To these patients we say, suffer no more, science has been making both pharmaceutical and surgical advances in the treatment of incontinence.

A strong support group, understanding and supportive family members can help boost the patient’s morale and encourage positive attitude necessary for treatment compliance.  A professional health care provider such as a General Practitioner or urologist can best explain the particularities of the condition and recommend proper treatment and management.

Whilst treatment is being started, urinary incontinence pads help in keeping the patient dry by giving total wetness protection. The pads are made of highly absorbent materials designed to soak up large amounts of urine. Incontinence pads may look like a female sanitary pad but looks can be misleading. They have specialized absorption capabilities and can hold much more liquid.

Minimizing Wardrobe Malfunctions
Choosing the ideal pad suited for your needs should be based on your type of urinary incontinence and lifestyle. Light incontinence marked by slight dribbles need thin pads while heavy incontinence requires thicker and sturdier pads.

For active people, choose pads with wider adhesive strips or better yet choose underwear with pockets or pouches specifically designed to hold urinary incontinence pads in place. This is your best bet in avoiding leaks especially with moderate to heavy incontinence.

Costs of Using Urinary Incontinence Pads.
Some brands are more expensive than the others but the quality of materials used and its functionality are also worth the price. Washable pads are more cost-effective than disposable pads but disposables are more practical, particularly when travelling away from home. Washable or reusable pads are practical for home-bound patients and people who are on a tight budget.

Maximum protection is costly, therefore it is practical to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a particular brand and compare two or more brands before settling on one. You may use a starter kit for light incontinence and move on to heavier protection as the condition worsens or the other way around if the condition is reversed. Affordability and good quality are important features to consider because some types of incontinence take time to treat and long-term maintenance can be very expensive.

Urinary Incontinence Pads for Infirm patients with Enuresis
Caring for an invalid incontinent patient can be a very taxing job. Voiding is not regular and timed therefore one should take protection from accidental leakage and sudden wetness.Disposable urinary incontinence pads save the caretaker a big hassle.

The pads can be reinforced by incontinence bed liners to catch the overflow and protect the mattress from urine stains and odour.

Too Embarrassed to Shop for Urinary Incontinence Pads?
Buying incontinence pads need not be an awkward situation. Many online stores offer secure purchases and discreet home deliveries. There is no need to go out of the house, ordering is done via the internet and payment options are uncomplicated.

Online shopping makes it feasible for you may to choose the type and even the size of the urinary incontinence pad you prefer by accessing the online catalogues provided by the manufacturers and distributors, all from within the privacy of your own home.

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