Waterproof Incontinence Pants Help with Many Urinary Problems

As a person ages, health problems become more commonplace, and understanding what is happening when a symptom presents itself can help a doctor to diagnose the problem very quickly. Often when a person develops a urinary problem, especially if they are older, they may resign themselves to wearing waterproof incontinence pants and just assume that incontinence is a natural part of ageing. It is important for people to realize that while urinary incontinence may occur more frequently in older people than it does in younger people, it is never a normal part of ageing. When urinary incontinence occurs, it is typically symptomatic of an underlying problem; so it is wise to discuss the problem with your doctor to rule out some of the more serious causes right away.

If a person sees blood present in the urine, known as hematuria, most likely one of several things is occurring. The person may have a bladder infection, and typically when the bladder is infected, there will be some discomfort in the lower abdomen. The next problem that may show these symptoms is a case of kidney stones, which often exit the body of their own volition; though it can be a very painful process. If the problem persists, doctors can shatter the stones with a laser treatment. Very rarely tumors cause blood to be present in the urine, and a physician needs to investigate further when this is the case. The final cause of blood in the urine is trauma to any of the organs in the urinary system as may occur in an accident or injury.

Painful urination, or Dysuria, is another problem that can present itself. Again a visit to the doctor is in order, where a patient will be questioned for medical history and examined. Typically a doctor will order additional blood and urine tests to look for infection in the bladder or urinary tract.

Another time that waterproof incontinence pants may be viewed as a viable option is in the case of urinary urgency, which shows up as the inability to hold urine back after feeling the urge to urinate. To find the underlying causes for this problem, a doctor typically performs a urinalysis along with a complete physical exam. It is important for a person to be able to describe the pattern and frequency with which the problem occurs. For example, a doctor will want to know if the problem is more likely to occur during the daytime or the nighttime and if the problem is constant or intermittent.

For some people, urinary frequency is a problem, which occurs when a person has to urinate more than seven times per day. This problem has many causes, including an obstructed urethra as found in overflow incontinence. Other times an illness like diabetes can cause the over production of urine. In some instances a person is exacerbating the problem by consuming a large amount of fluids. Medical conditions like a tumour, depression or a bladder infection can also contribute to this problem.

While wearing waterproof incontinence pants is a perfectly fine way to manage any of these problems, it is not a cure,. It is important to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of the underlying condition that causes any of these symptoms; so it is important for a person to be aware and visit their doctor at the first sign of trouble.

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