Severity of Incontinence: Determination and Implications.

The severity of incontinence is not as easily determined as one might think. Usually the question first  pops in a patient’s mind, when shopping for incontinence products for the first time. One may start to wonder which product absorbency range to choose. The question of whether to go for the thin sleek pads designed for mild incontinence or the thicker, but more protective, varieties. The choice may not be as intuitive as you might think. Physicians have designed an elaborate system to objectively assess the severity of incontinence based on the weight of the volume of urine leaked in a predefined period of time.

Is An Objective Assessment Of The Severity Of Incontinence Always Important?
The simple answer is, no not necessarily. In some instances, the severity of incontinence is self-evident and a simple questionnaire is all you need to find out where your incontinence falls on the severity spectrum.

For instance, if you respond with “just a few drops” to the question how much urine do you usually leak, then you know you have very mild, also known as minimal,  incontinence. If, on the other hand, your bladder has lost all its retention capacity and it empties itself regularly without your conscious control over it, then you have severe incontinence and need the heaviest protection possible.

So, in short, sometimes your subjective opinion is all you need when determining how severe your incontinence is.

Why Do Doctors Assess Severity Of Incontinence?

Doctors assess the severity of incontinence initially to complete the diagnosis and create a tangible way to follow up the results of urinary incontinence treatment the patient is prescribed.

Another important use for these assessments is comparing the results of different groups of patients and their responses to a certain new urinary incontinence treatment. This, naturally, occurs only in the clinical trial settings. Your doctor would ask for your consent before he/she enrolls you in a study or conducts a severity of incontinence assessment for such causes.

Finally, before suggesting that you undergo surgery for incontinence, physicians like to assess and confirm just how severe your incontinence is. Surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly and it is mostly only indicated for patients with severe incontinence which failed to respond to months of conservative and medical treatment.

Buying Products Suited To Your Severity Of Incontinence.

All incontinence products are designed with your needs in mind. And this is why manufacturers have made it easy for your to pick and choose your ideal product based on the severity of your incontinence.

Most products have a clearly labeled protection level indicated on them.

You can also find the absorption level graphically represented with colored droplets as such.

Whether you seek protection from light, moderate or severe incontinence, you will be able to find a product that suits your needs. Even if your doctor has not yet provided you with a professional assessment of  your severity of incontinence, you can get a small trial pack with the level of protection you think you need.

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