Choosing the Best Adult Incontinence Products

If you are new to incontinence your head is probably spinning trying to figure out what adult incontinence products will work the best for you and your situation. It seems like there is a never ending menagerie of products on the market and finding the right ones is a nearly impossible task. There are some basic guidelines that may help you make sense of the mountain of information out there, so as you are comparing products look at three elements for each product, which are absorbency, comfort and cost. Then you can consider all of the other bells and whistles that the product may offer like convenience and discreetness. As you become familiar with incontinence products you will undoubtedly discover that different products work best in different parts of your day or night, so you will probably develop a liking for several different products that work well for you. Here are a couple of the most popular styles of adult incontinence products.

Incontinence pads are one of the most popular products for managing incontinence. Some pads are designed to be worn alone while others are designed to be used with incontinence pants. They are constructed from modern materials that quickly wick any moisture away from the body to help keep skin from becoming irritated. The moisture is trapped deep within the layers of the pad, while the skin surface stays dry. Pads should be contoured to follow the lines of your body, and they should be comfortable. Pads are available in washable styles, which are generally pretty cost effective, and disposable styles, which are very convenient.

Incontinence pants are also available in washable and disposable styles, and some variations consist of a washable pant with a washable or disposable pad. Your lifestyle along with your level of incontinence will very likely determine the best incontinence pants for your use. You can find incontinence pants that look just like regular underwear with a very discreet and slim profile, and you can find bulkier designs as well. Whatever style of incontinence pants you choose, make sure that they are the proper level of absorbency and that they fit properly and comfortable.

With all of the sizes and styles of adult incontinence products available on the market today, you can more quickly narrow your selection by considering the three major components of a good incontinence product, which are absorbency, comfort and cost.

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