Male Incontinence Products on the Market Today

Men suffering from incontinence find it difficult to choose what kind of products to use. The media has so much influence on the person’s choices and decisions that is why companies invest heavily on multi-media advertisements to increase sales and secure their niche in the market.

What are male incontinence products?
These are products used to manage incontinence in men, a medical condition marked by involuntary passage of urine or faeces.

Incontinence  is a symptom of an underlying medical condition brought about by several factors including:

  • Weak pelvic floor muscles.
  • Blockage in the urinary tubes or in the bladder neck due to benign tumours or malignant cancer in the bladder, urinary tracts and prostate gland
  • Strictures or narrowing of the urinary tracts due to scarring caused by chemotherapy and surgical procedures involving cancer of the prostate
  • Bladder nerve damage due to spinal cord injuries, neurological diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases
  • Bowel incontinence may be caused by Crohn’s disease, colitis, bacterial gut infections, food intolerance, colon cancer,  parasitism or psychological stress

Before ordering, a costumer should be able to determine the type of product to use for his particular need.  Leak protections are available in disposable and washable types. Since incontinence refers to uncontrollable leaks, the following products are suited for incontinence management:

  • Incontinence pads are the most common product used to manage the dribbles and the wetness. These are absorbent materials designed to absorb different levels of incontinence. Similarly shaped like the female sanitary pads but made with stronger materials to withstand light to heavy urine leaks
  • Incontinence briefs look like the regular male underwear and worn like one. The front panels are padded with absorbent material to absorb accidental dribbles
  • Incontinence pants look like the usual underwear worn with the pads. The elasticated material is perfect in keeping the pads in place. Also known as knickers or fixation pants that are available in elastic netting for breathability and dryness
  • Designed like their anatomical structure, male urinals are urine collection devices suitable for heavy leaks and worn like a condom and fastened with belts and adhesive strips
  • Artificial urinary sphincter is a synthetic inflatable ring aimed to support the weakened sphincter and improve closure capability. These are surgically inserted and operated manually
  • Incontinence bed pads and appliance liners are absorbent materials used to protect the mattress and appliances from urine and faecal stains. These products are necessary to prolong mattress life and protect the patient from skin irritations and secondary infections

Some types of incontinence may take some time to treat; some are even irreversible and need lifetime management. For financially constrained patients who cannot support long-term treatments, the government has assistance programs aimed to help patients on welfare. Manufacturing companies and distributors offer discounts for bulk and repeat orders.

Most incontinence products distributors offer home deliveries for customers who value their personal privacy. If the client wants discretion, the orders are delivered without labels.. In choosing the ideal male incontinence products to buy, particular care is necessary in order to get the ultimate value for your money. Do not buy on impulse, make the effort in shopping around or read product reviews and try the product yourself.

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