Suffering from Diabetes-related Incontinence

Medical professionals who treat patients with diabetes will undoubtedly find that these patients suffer from the discomfort and embarrassment of urinary incontinence. Depending on a person’s age, it may not be possible to control, leading many older diabetics to turn to incontinence products as a way of dealing with symptoms. These can range from fluid-resistant mattress liners to incontinence pads or undergarments, both of which are easily obtainable through supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as through online shops. Today’s incontinence pad is made in several layers to ensure comfort and complete absorption. The inner layer is made from an anti-reactive, highly absorbent material especially made for urinary incontinence. A thoughtfully-made incontinence undergarment will have been made from materials that do not rustle or crinkle as you move; rather, they should not only be comfortable and fit close to one’s body, but noise-free to avoid embarrassment. As feminine hygiene products have evolved to fit the contours of fashionable clothing and undergarments, so have urinary incontinence products. Indeed, the level of comfort and wearability of today’s incontinence garments make treating incontinence more manageable and easy.

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