Surgical Operations for Urinary Incontinence are Effective


While it is not uncommon to read about the benefits and effectiveness of treating urinary incontinence, one doctor in Spain argues that the social ramifications are so great that they drive down the true cost of these procedures.

In 2012, Dr. Montesino Semper analysed the financial cost of providing surgical treatment of urinary incontinence to women under the Navarre Public Health Service. He found that the relatively low cost of these operations are further enhanced by the immediate benefits to a woman’s quality of life (such as reductions in anxiety, depression, and insecurity), as well as to the medical system that might otherwise continue to treat symptoms.

Given that most surgical treatments of urinary incontinence can be performed on an out-patient basis and under local anesthesia, his argument highlights the win-win relationship between the inexpensive treatment and the individual gains as reported by patients.

Dr. Semper advocated that surgical treatments for urinary incontinence were not only effective, but that they are “socially profitable,” in that they help a patient regain a higher quality of life through a relatively low-cost solution. For some patients, regaining a higher quality of life may have been related to factors like being young, not obese, and experiencing stress incontinence.

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