New Incontinence Device to be Studied at US Medical College

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A 2012 clinical trial by the Medical College of Wisconsin is examining the potential of a FDA-approved device called InTone®. Over three months, female participants will be observed in order to assess how well the device addresses stress incontinence, urge incontinence, or mixed incontinence. This research is bound to be of interest to the 25 million women in the United States who live with one of these forms of incontinence.

Current treatment for urinary incontinence ranges from simply dealing with symptoms, trying to strengthen the pelvic floor, prescribing medications, or opting for surgery. The InTone® device unites mild micro-current stimulation, pelvic floor exercises, and biofeedback that has been personalized for the patient by a physician. Done in the privacy of one’s home, the daily exercises take 10 minutes. The device measures pressure in the pelvic floor, and sends two weeks’ worth of results back to the physician for analysis and progress evaluation.

Designers of the clinical trial anticipate that with daily use, users of InTone® will see less instances of incontinence within three months.

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