Waterproof Mattress Protection-Total Comfort for Total Care

Every person on earth needs a good night’s sleep to rest the body and mind after a long day of being on their feet. The body at rest is a body under repair; when the tissues regenerate and the blood pressure slows down to give the heart a chance to rest. The muscles at rest repair itself and the blood cells reproduce to serve the different organs of the body the next day. Sleep is such an integral part of living therefore it should be given due importance and to achieve a deep, restful sleep one must lie on a comfortable bed.

For the people who value their health above all, investing in a good mattress is the most practical thing to do. A good mattress that makes a comfortable bed doesn’t come cheap but durability and functionality makes it cheaper in the long run. For the people who cannot afford to buy a bed with an expensive mattress, they can make use of multi-functional mattress pads for added comfort. Protection and proper care should be given to prolong the mattress’ service life. In choosing a good mattress protection one must keep in mind the following features:


This feature is very important especially for people suffering from nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting. Persons suffering from urinary incontinence need a waterproof mattress protection under the regular bed sheet to keep the mattress dry at all times. There are mattress protection pads made of water-resistant materials that are a combination of 100% cotton lining in different thread counts and polyester fiberfill or vinyl mesh. These mattress tops are specially designed to absorb leaks and repel stains at the same time giving the incontinence patient the best possible care that the family can give.


Some people are allergic to down or other synthetic materials. Fabrics made of natural materials like cotton with tightly woven threads are the best choice for a sensitive person. Anti-bacterial tops are best for children or the bed-ridden patient. Dust mites, pet dander and other allergens that can be found on the mattress are repelled by the top layer from touching the person in bed.

Ergonomic Design

For people who are suffering from arthritis and back pains, there are mattress toppers that are ergonomically designed to ease the pain and discomfort of the patient.  Some designs are patterned to conform to the body’s curves. There are mattress tops that are made of latex or memory foam designed to relieve pain of the pressure points and provide warmth during cold weather.

Comfortable Add-ons

Mattress tops should be a comfortable add-on to give the mattress a more comfortable feel. Made of either real or synthetic feather fill and stitched-through to provide even filling and prevent bunching. Stretched corners are designed for tight fitting even for deep mattresses to prevent the sheet from crimping and pinching. Skirting provides aesthetic taste to the otherwise plain mattress top sheet.


Mattress covers that are washable and reusable are a great saving. With the rising cost of everything, consumers are always on the lookout for ways to save money even on necessities. If the family has an incontinent member, it is practical and economical to invest in washable mattress protection covers that can withstand repeated washings. Find a tightly woven fabric made from natural materials with a high thread count to ensure strength and durability. Stain-resistant, machine-washable, quick-drying and odour-repellant are just a few of the qualities one should also consider in choosing washable waterproof mattress protection covers.

Good mattress covers can be purchased together with the mattress. Most mattress protection sheets are sold with a warranty of up to 10 years giving the consumers more value for their money. A good investment needs a good amount of money, time and effort but the returns are going to be more than your money’s worth. Don’t skimp on your loved ones’ needs, because they deserve to have the best.

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