Weight Loss Diminishes Stress Incontinence Symptoms

There is really no scenario in which being overweight is good, and incontinence is no exception. In January 2009, The New England Journal of Medicine published research that shows that there is a direct correlation between incontinence and excessive weight. The study also showed that losing the excess pounds actually improved or alleviated the incontinence situation. This study was conducted on women who were thirty years old or older. These 338 women each experienced at least ten incidence of incontinence weekly, and they each had a body mass index that was somewhere between 25 and 50.

One group of women were tasked with losing weight using natural means including diet and exercise. Each woman in this group lost about eight percent of their total body weight, which equated to about seventeen pounds. As a result of this weight loss, this group of women experienced about half as many incidents of stress incontinence. This result makes sense, because as the women shed pounds, a direct result of the reduced weight was that the additional body weight was no longer pressing on the bladder causing the incontinence symptoms. When it came to urge incontinence, however, there was no marked improvement on the occurrence of incontinence symptoms as the women lost weight.

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