Pants for incontinence have been around for a while,  serving the needs of patients all over the world. Starting from the bulky adult diapers they have evolved so many times over the years constantly being reinvented to keep up with the demands of the modern times. The present designs are the product of endless consultations with the people suffering from incontinence and the support groups that were also affected by the patients’ discomfort.

In choosing the kind of incontinence pants to use, it is important to determine what type and level of incontinence the person has. Taking the patient’s history of bowel and bladder functions over a period of time can help the professional health care provider evaluate the extent of the patient’s condition. There is an extensive collection of incontinence pants available on the internet and online shopping is a very convenient way to purchase incontinence products.

Taking into account the comfort and convenience of the incontinent necessary for a productive happy life, incontinence pants are designed to absorb light to heavy flow with emphasis on leakage protection to avoid embarrassing situations. For the still active incontinent, pull-up pants that look like regular underwear are preferred. The waistband is wide enough not to constrict the blood vessels on the skin and the leg is cut high to allow unrestrained mobility.

For bed-confined patients who cannot attend to their own needs and require the assistance of care givers, disposable incontinence pants with side fastening or tear-away strips for easy changing have become very popular. Although in recent years environmental issues have been raised by environmentalists on the disposition of used disposable pants. Washable and reusable pants are the most practical alternative, economical and environment-friendly.

To cater to the needs of persons with light incontinence, the pads or liners on the new pants have become so thin yet retaining its absorption capability. This design is for active people who wish to be discreet yet cannot afford to compromise their leak protection. The slim pads on the pouch of the pants are unobtrusive and can be worn confidently even under tight-fitting clothes. Night time incontinence pants have soaker pads on the sides to reinforce the pad on the crotch providing maximum protection as the patient toss and turn in sleep.

For males suffering from light incontinence they find pants with fly-away front opening more convenient to use. They can just open the front fastening and change pads without taking off the pants and trousers. Pants for incontinence designed to carry a urine receptacle for the active overflow incontinent are also available on the market. For the incontinent that is semi-ambulatory but wearing a catheter the pants with leg straps to hold the urine bag in place is a practical choice. Whatever the incontinent needs, the market is sure to have all kinds of incontinence products necessary to manage incontinence at a lower cost.

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