Hi , my name is Jimmy and I have had always had issues with continence my entire child hood teen and young adult life… Would always occasionally wet my pants and had issues with OAB and urge incontinence trying to make it to the bathroom. As a kid from waiting too long while playing video games. As a teen being stubborn and thinking i never really had a bladder problem and would just constantly pee my bed and pants before going back too pull ups it happened so much. Now at 24 I need to bring 4 Tena pull ups to work with me every day. I am on the road constantly and it seems like no matter how much i try things never work out and am left losing control and wetting my pull up. The other day i ended up leaking through two Tena pants and the second time I was with a friend of mine at a auto shop where she was picking her car up… I knew my pull up was wet from driving to her after work but i went to the bathroom maybe 30 minutes before the urge came again. I tried to hold it for as long as I can as my friend was recieving her car but i could feel it was coming and was afraid to go back into the bathroom after using just 30 minutes before… Who needs to use the bathroom every 30 minutes its babyish. It’s also why i didnt change into a a new pull up l. I forgot to bring a new fresh one in when i first peed bc i had to go so bad and left in the car that i was nervous to go back into the bathroom again…. I ran outside nit sure wether i wanted to leave or wait for my friend i just am holding anything and doijg whTever i can to not let the pull up i had on get any wetter… Turns out i should have been worried about competely wetting my pants bc that is exactly what happended as soon as my friend walked over to me and also she could do was laugh as my tena pants completely flooded the front of my work pants next to her car… I dont care if anyone saw. I dont care that she saw. I dont hate nyself because i am a 24 y/o now man who wear 5 tena pull ups a day on average and neeeds a recommendation on better over night diapers as tranquility overnight pull ips can not hold enough.. i do care though that I want to do whatever i can to contain these accidents. Tena pants are ok during the day but would really like to be able to talk to continece nurse/ advisor/ profesionall Bout my options for the future to keep my pants and bed dry and limit the times i end up embaressing myself…. Hopefully

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