I have had a dribble for many years but recently it has gotten worse. I am 38 in general good health. I use a tena level 1 pad for protection, though sometimes I dont need it. Some days I have wet spots some days I dont. I feel like when I do use pads I make things worse either from overthinking the situation or maybe because I feel more relaxed and therefore my bladder is more relaxed. Thoughts? This is mostly a post void dribble, but I do at time feel pressure when coughing. I very rarely leak when I cough but I often feel pressure all the way up to the tip even if nothing comes out. Like I said it really rare for any leakage when coughing. The odd part is when I go without a pad I feel like I leak less than I do with a pad on. Because a large level of leaks are up to date, my wife and I just figure it’s best to keep one on at least while at work. I’m a supervisor and where dress pants so spots are easily seen.

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