I am a female with urge incontinence (bladder only). I wont make it to the bathroom if I have less than 2 or so minutes to do so. When I first started wearing pads/nappies, I only wore them in case of emergencies/accidents and tried to make it to the bathroom and never ever did “number 2” in them.

But over the years I have become more confident and comfortable with wearing nappies. I often wear in the house, despite there being a toilet. Im very embarrassed about how lazy I have become.

I was in walking in the countryside last week and there were no toilets in the area. My stomach started cramping and I knew I needed a poo. A couple of years ago I would have struggled home with a bad tummy ache. But I just did the (massive) poo in my nappy and got on with my walk. I changed when I got home but it felt much better that way. This isn’t the first time I have had a poo in my nappy, it’s sometimes just simpler and more comfy.

I rarely go to a loo if I need a wee these days. Im usually busy and will be bursting by the time I make it (if I do even make it on time). And if I don’t make it on time I have just wasted my 5 minutes rushing to a loo when I could have relaxed and kept on doing what I was doing. I would rather keep on relaxing/watching a movie/looking in shops and wee in my nappy than rush about and get out of breath. It’s there, so why not?

Is anyone else in the same boat or am I gross and unusual? Am I weird?

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