Hi everyone I used to wet the bed as a child I don’t think that’s relevant but just incase. I have anxiety and depression and I might have PTSD from childhood Trauma. I have been wetting the bed in the last week about 4 times now and I done the obvious and cut my fluids in the night and made sure I went to toilet before going to bed although I usually go to toilet anyway. I think it’s from anxiety and depression but could be wrong, I try not too read to much because everything tends to lead to cancer according to the Internet. They said that you might have a physical exam and some other tests to check for symptoms like infection or enlarged prostate etc. I really don’t want to go to the DR but think I have to, has anyone had a sudden onset of bed wetting? What happens at the DR, what do they do? Also Is it best to wear some sort of absorbent material thank you I’m only 31 so I am sorry if this is insulting but I read a lot about this with the older generation which usually comes up or kids but seems as I’m neither I don’t k ow what to do thanks.

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