After many years of bladder problems following a spinal injury, initially at night (I was a childhood/teen bedwetter too) but then day time too, I long ago chose to manage my incontinece using disposabe all-in-one ‘adult nappies’, in my case the TENA Slip Maxi Active Fit. However, I have often had problems with the pads leaking at night especially when I slept on my side and had been looking for some additional protection to wear over the top. As a result, I recently came across a Swedish firm that makes waterproof/absorbant pyjama trousers called ‘PJAMA Pants’ for children and adults. They are designed to look like normal pull-on pyjamas trousers so for kids with bedwetting problems it would hopefully mean no embarrasing situations when wanting to stay away overnight, which has to be a good thing, as even as an adult I would not stay away for fear of the inevitable wet bed. Anyway, they are not cheap but I thought I would give them a try and I must say they were pretty amazing. I would not use them all the time as the washing/drying is a bit of a chore and you would need 2 or 3 pairs but as a break from wearing a ‘nappy’ at night or as additional protection I think they will be great. Just thought I would pass it on; I was particulary thinking about older kids/teeens. This was the website if anyone is interested: https://pjama.co.uk

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