Hi I was diagnosed with bowel in continence 3 years ago after a lay open fistulotomy which was carried out privately in Spain. I moved back shortly after as I could no longer do my job working with food. I moved back to the uk and approached my gp and he made a few notes on the computer and that was that. After a year it became clear I wasnt getting to see a consultant here to see if any help can be given. So I managed to get an appointment through self referral to the continence team but it was a 8 month wait. I was examined there and asked questions like do you wher pads or in continence pants and I answered with I have no money , no income, no job and unlikely to get one with my problem ( going out for an appointment means 3 days no food to allow me To be less at risk of bowels opening while I am out. I have no social life and am housebound 90% of the time as I only leave if I have to and that causes so much stress and anger) I have finally got an appointment next month.has anyone else got similar and what has been done to help you? I am 47 and just feel my life is over ….

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