My Dad has had a stroke and uses a catheter and pads. Several times a day he will be in a lot of pain, we think, trying to go to the toilet. He cannot talk to tell us what is wrong. Do we just accept that it’s part of his continence problem or should we be talking to someone about it? When he does go, he sometimes has to sit in it for hours until the carers come. Now that there are more opportunities to go out, he is not able to as he never knows when he’s going to ‘go’ and it stinks the room out and he is very uncomfortable with it so he can’t be in a public place like that. Also, he can’t go out for a day trip anywhere as he has to be home for the carers to potentially change him. If he didn’t have this problem, they wouldn’t need 2 of the 4 carers visits which is costing them a fortune too. It just seems it is being ignored but it’s really affecting his quality of life.