I really like this website. It really is a great resource for all us incontinents. As someone with urge/OAB a lot of the stuff about faecal or catheters, etc doesn’t apply to me but the fact it’s all asked and answered here shows me what a great community this can be!

My family and friends know about my “exotic undies” 😱 and it’s all good – everyone was totally understanding and not bothered… That helped me accept my incontinence no end. Seriously! Having friends to talk about it all with is priceless.

Other than them though the only people I can talk about daily living with are my continence adviser (who is an absolute star!!!!) and other NHS folks. I would really like to have incontinent friends I can shoot the breeze with about, I dunno…. IAD/rash treatments, tips and deals online, and all the other things you wouldn’t think about unless you were incontinent.

Do you dudes have such contacts? Is there some sort of social-media platform where genuine ‘leakers’ can have the craic?

Perhaps this awesome site could have some sort of live chat functionality or resources where those of us who are not entirely continent (ahem…) could quiz each other?

Anyway, I’d like to thank the mods for this great resource and I’d like to get as involved and helpful as I can be. Mods: if you need articles or the like I would be happy to write some.

I’m lucky that the whole ‘stigma’ thing doesn’t affect me, I know it matters a lot to my fellow incos and I understand why. Talking about it chisels away the discomfort bit by bit. Let’s talk and build a community!

Lots of love to you all!


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