Hi to all.
I’m male, and a few months ago I had a stroke which affected my bowels on the left. Plus, I have bladder incontinence.
Apparently my bowels don’t ‘pulse’ on the left, which means I don’t go for a few days, but when I do it’s like an explosion of gallons of backed up liquid. I only get about a minute to reach a toilet or it’s too late.
I can spend up to 90 minutes in the toilet emptying my bowels, and go again several times over the next few days. And the smell is awful and embarrassing. I saw a continence nurse who prescribed me Movicol, but it either makes no difference or makes it worse depending how many I take and when. With my bladder it’s a matter of no warning, just I have to get to a toilet in the next minute. I’m seeing a consultant and having a CT scan for my bladder.
I’m afraid of going out now. Is there anything out there I can wear to hold all this mess and smell in until I can get to a toilet or home. I just worry that because of the amount and the smell it will come out of whatever pads/pants I wear and through my clothes.
Many thanks,

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