I’ve had feacal incontinence and constipation all my life, it has completely ruined everything for me, I avoid going out with friends for long periods of times, sleepovers, swimming etc

I’ve always felt weird and a freak for this, but I know I can’t help it, I just want to not have this anymore. I know it will affect all my future relationships so I’m scared to get in one

I don’t know anyone else like me, only the family I live with knows about it of course, I just want to be able to live a normal life like everyone else

I haven’t been to the doctors in years because it’s embarrassing and my mum says they’re useless anyway

I’m currently really sick and in a lot of pain, feels like anything I eat just makes it worse, so I go days without eating much

For more information: I’m very thin, but I get bloated a lot, I struggle with mental health issues too which makes things worse maybe, I also have to wear diapers at night and pads during the day

Any advice or similar experiences will help, I feel completely alone and I’m scared I’ll be forever unhappy because of this problem

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