About seven years ago I was taken into hospital not able to walk because of pain and was diagnosed with multiple lower level stenosis and herniated disks of the back. Was told its to risky to operate risks of paralysis etc so had a caudel epidural and i take gabapentin naproxen amatriptaline and laxatives because its very hard to poo etc.
So that was 7 years ago and i was told to exercise as much as possible strength in my core muscles and loose weight which i have been doing. As you can imagine takin laxatives has its problems and i had a few mishaps etc so what I’m trying to do is combine exercise diet and trying to figure out a way to get my bowel movements back to some sort of normal but the thing is ive forgotten just what normal is. So when i was taking all my laxatives throughout the day mishaps could happen at anytime by passing wind etc so then i just took a large dose at night and over the course of two to three hours in morning emptied my bowl so I culled then go out relatively free of mishaps etc now I’m trying to train myself reducing laxatives excercising my core and other muscles and by diet but as my posts heading says ive forgotten what was normal. I’m at the point now of trying as least laxatives as possible and waiting until i need to go and thinking about it from morning to night and when i do go its about 20 min in time and i always need to push etc .

My question is – is there a normal way ? Does 20 min time sound about ok ? What would happen if i waited until i was absolutely bursting to poo before going is it dangerous ?

It took me a bit of time to pluck up the courage to post this but i suppose we are all in the same boat , I’m 58 male and he reason for my injured back was car crash

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