I am a type 2 diabetic, I have suffered from bouts of diarrhea for years but last July, I had a really bad bout. Whereas it has gone away, the diarrhea continued on and off, despite taking Imodium. I went to my Doctor and was advised that I had had Gastric Enteritis and I should try a non-dairy, bland, bulking diet. This worked. Then it all came back again. From there, I have been to the doctor’s several times and have a consultation in December to maybe have a colonoscopy. My company is moving and I now have a ten minute cycle ride, a ten minute train ride and a ten minute walk every morning and evening. I am terrified about this and have invested in incontinence pants to give me some sort of security which just adds to the costs of travelling.
I have cut out basically all food except meat and this seems to have given me some relief. I ate some probiotic yogurt (non-dairy) a couple of days ago and ended up with diarrhea as though I had enteritis again. Can anyone suggest what this is and the best incontinence pads for someone who is actually really active?

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