Can anyone help me please I have moved to Herefordshire but due to vivid 19 the incontinence team have not seen me for three months now they’ve put my appt back till August I’ve had to buy Tena slips and have another 5 weeks before I see them I’ve spent over 400 pound on Tena slip ultima medium but have no funds for the next 4 weeks to purchase them I have roughly a weeks supply left and then am really stuck so I’m asking anyone whom can donate a pack of tena slip maxi or ultima active fit or similar product medium size I really don’t know what else to do as very embarrassing and stuck without protection as have no control of bladder at all due to nerve damage after a car accident 15 yrs ago . Please someone find it within there heart to help me and in five weeks time I will gladly pay you double the price and postage . Been to a and e and they advised me going to a nursing home as they say they have limited stock so could only give me a couple of abena m5 slip . You can contact me at finnlarge36@gmail.com I beg someone to help me and may God be with them really don’t know what else to do but ask to people whom understand my problem with regards