I’ve been fecially incontinent for 35 years and I’ve been slowly getting worse as I get older. I had a partial gastrectomy and am left with 2 gaps in my anal sphincture. I’d really like to get in touch with other folks who have similar problems to swap notes and learn techniques to deal with my problem. e.g. I’m currently on 2 Loperamide tablets 2mg to be taken at night. I have learnt myself that they work MUCH better if taken in the morning. I have lots of accidents and I don’t wear pads. I have a boyfriend now and we are due to go to Paris for a holliday for 2 weeks in September. My boyfriend is very good to me and understanding, but he is concerned that I don’t have such problems when we travel. I’ve long given up drinking hot drinks as the very worst problems occur if I do. Sometimes cold drinks can effect me also. The original problem was caused by childbirth when I was still a teenager. I had three children.
Please get back to me with any tips that might make our holliday more care free and relaxed.
Cheers for now from Jan

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