Does anyone have any experience with the incontinence team redbridge? I have a dear friend who is double incontinent since a blotched birth at queens in 2017 and she is unable to walk and have suffered pelvic trauma.

She has been trying to get incontinence products from them since 2017. The last assessment was in March 2019 and they are asking her to come back for another assessments 2 months later. She can hardly move much less go to these appointments. Her husband looks after her and 5 kids one while is autistic and 2 toddlers and 2 normal ones.

The women at the clinic, according to my friend, named Jocelyn is downright insolent demanding appointments, Urinalysis and bladder charts every other month and still isn’t initiating a delivery of pads. My friend is already financially stressed and she has been self funding these pads since 2017?

Can I do something to help? Who should we contact with regards to this? Who has the authority to put this woman in her place and make her do her job right? They don’t even have a functioning phone number. It goes direct to voicemail and the only way to contact is email. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks all.