Hi everyone, this is totally my first post as I have been very reluctant to post anything. I was diagnosed with stress incontinence around 2016 at the young age of 25 following urodynamics and a cystoscopy testing something else to do with my bladder. I also have endometriosis and much pain daily.

I have the urethral bulking agent although I still need to wear pads everyday. I recently underwent a further urodynamics 2 years following my bulking agent which revealed there is still some leakage. I have tried absolutely everything diet related, ditched the caffeine and made many other dietary related changes and nothing is stopping it. I have purchased expensive keagels all ina. His to try and improve… I’ve also tried Pilates, darafenacin, tolteradine and mirabegron… tolteradine helped but the side effects are completely intolerable to live with managing a career and family! Help! I’m 28 and cannot continue with a life long problem! It’s unbearable and I am struggling………really hoping someone can help me

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