Nov 16 i was diagnosed with cancer. I had a large tumour inside of my colon. They basically classed it as bowel cancer. I had to have a lot of Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy and then a massive nine hour operation to remove the tumour. I ended up with a colostomy bag and my large bowel removed. I then had to have another eight months of Chemo which finished two months ago and this has effected me a lot! it has attacked my nerve endings in my hands and feet.. They’re completely numb. Urinal incontinence was also a ‘side effect’ from the chemo and on top of everything, i now suffer with that! im unsure as to if this will be permanent, same with my hands and feet but i need something in the meantime to help. Ive been supplied with pads but im really not getting on with them. Im needing a pull up that will reach over my colostomy bag. Nothing like the nappy type because ill not be able to peel off the sticky tabs with my hands being numb. Does anyone know of anything? i feel like im so limited for products because i can only really try the pull ups. Hopefully they’re ok!! does anyone know the best place to shop? any recommendations?


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