I had issues as a kid, but more or less dried up as I got older, apart from the odd accident. At 40 I started to pee my bed on a regular basis again, and then urgency started to get the better of me again. I have tried lots of treatment, including surgery, with limited success. I wear high captivity all in ones 24/7 and this allows me to lead a normal life. Yes I do wet myself frequently, but it is only me who knows. At least condition is just embarrassing, not life threatening. I now just rely on my protection, but sometimes feel that perhaps I have just given in too easily and perhaps I should still try to become dry. I must admit I do not miss having to run to the toilet only to find it is too late. I get very little warning of needing to pee, if I am near a toilet, I try to use it, but if I am more than 30 seconds away, I now do not even try and just use my protection. I sometimes think this is lazy, but does allow me to live my life in a normal way, rather than being tied to the toilet.
Does anyone feel the same?

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