I was interested to read the article on latchkey incontinence as it describes the situation I have found myself in over recent months. It is however not just when I arrive at my own house, but at any other destinations too. The results have been hugely embarrassing and begun to affect my work and personal life.
I have managed urge incontinence all my life, but with careful planning I have very few accidents and only need to wear a small pad just encase in some a few situations. For no reason that is not apparent to me this has changed, with increasing frequency, I have lost a full bladder with no time to do anything.
The first time this happened, I had arrived home and whilst undoing a shoelace I felt a sudden urge to wee and at the same moment my bladder emptied. I dismissed this as a one off, but the situation repeated itself a few weeks later this time when I arrived at work and went to retrieve my coat from the back seat of my car.
Situations like this are happening when I arrive at a destinations not just my own front door perhaps after a journey of an hour or more and can now occur 3 or 4 times a week. Not only is it hugely embarrassing, but very disruptive to my day-to-day life as all I can do is drive home in wet trousers and change.
When at home I have tried holding on when I feel a need to go and drinking less, all of which hasn’t made any difference.
Even though some are discarded dry, I have result to wearing either pull up pants or as there easier to put on all in one pads. This has removed the worry over leaving the house, as when faced with an immediate need to wee, it is not going to end up with wet trousers. After changing I can get on with my day without needing to return home.
As I can hold on and get to the toilet at other times, I guess as I know a toilet is close by, arriving at a destination that isn’t just my own home is the same as latchkey incontinence. I would be interest in knowing how this might be overcome or if there any other ways of managing it.

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