suffer with heavy urge incontinence and bowel problems since I was a child I have cut down on my caffeine I’m on medication and under the hospital I wear Nappies 24/7 as i can’t make to the toilet, my next stage Is properly have a botox injection to relax the bladder my fear is if its too relaxed I might it have to use a catheter for bit if the botox don’t work then I might have to use a catheter for a long term . I have autism living independently but I have support and I have a carer see me and takes me out when I not up to driving I suffer a great deal of anxiety and get anxious, headaches a asistigmasism a lot so wear glasses permanently and I get very overwhelmed and emotional when me and my carer are in busy places he makes sure that I need the bathroom disabled toilet as I sometimes need help or reminding of my personal hygiene like not washing problem especially if I had accident in my nappy on my bad day as I have them a lot. On the whole I try keep busy I do drive but I have to plan my journeys especially if I plan a long journey as I get very anxious my bladder will implode its goes on my car seat I don’t want it ,as im scared people will think different reason I wear Nappies, Is to avoid embrassment like if staying night at friend or family or a hotel adlest I feel secure and safe without being questioned, i know its sounds bulky making me feel I’m lazy i do my absolute best to get to the toilet when I can and when im out in a town public toilets are shut I have to ask a pub or cafe to use disabled toilet for that reason, i have im too scared ask and with the bladder or bowel urge warning I got then its too late when I out with my carer in his car he puts a cover on front seat for me when he takes me out. I try ad’and do things for myself but it can be a struggle I don’t give up, So my question is this is it silly for me to wear Nappies? as it might have to permanent.

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