On the 8th of Feb. A normal day. I had the urge to wee. Every time I stood up. A normal day.
Since then my life has been a bit of a nightmare.
I’m healthy. Don’t drink, don’t smoke. Have a good balanced diet. 2 coffees a day. That kind of thing

Since feb, I’ve tried many different medications. Nothing has worked. Doctor just says ‘over active bladder’ I’m convinced based on zero medical knowledge. It’s something else. This is affecting my personal life and now my job. As I should be out on site quite a lot. And I’ve managed to ‘blag it’

I’ve had a scan, had some test that shows how activity my bladder is – very when stood up. I’ve not got a UTI (Although I did have one last year) – blood work normal.

What could it be…….? šŸ™

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