My name is SCHULZ ALICE and i am 46 years old . I was born on 19/01/1974 in Carinthia (Klagenfurt)Austria . I grew up there till the age of 20 when i started having Vision problems,Fatigue and weakness,Bladder and bowel dysfunction,Sexual dysfunction,Cognitive problems. Since i was still young i never thought it would be severe because i was always bullied in school or my neighborhood where i lived because i was not pretty enough or look attractive like other girls . I faced difficulties studying in school due to my vision problem . I manage to go 6 months without telling my parents because i was afraid i will be taking to the hospital and i will be given glasses for my vision problem . Since i was going through though times already , with those glasses now in school it will make matters worse . I was not the best student but i always scored good grades. But after few other class quiz that i scored poorly my teacher decided to notify my parents, it was at this point they noticed i was facing difficulties and i was taking to a hospital and the doctor in charge told me parents my condition was rare and i we should go to Germany and see a specialist . When we arrived in Germany and i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis symptoms in females and my parents burst in tears and i did not know why . They bought the drugs that had been prescribed by the doctor and we return to Austria . I could no longer go to school because i could not withstand the side effects of these drugs so i had to drop out of school that same year (1994) i stayed home and the only time i was to travel was to back to my doctor in Germany for checkups and more drugs . After 2 years of the treatment i paralyzed and was always on a wheel chair and i told my self it was the end of my life already. My parents were very supportive and told me i will finally be back on my feet before i knew it . My father owned a second hand car dealership and my mother owned a small restaurant and they could not keep up with the expenses of medications and travel . Since i was not going to school , i was always left alone at home where i was tempted to take my own life away because i could not bare the pains anymore. My mother had to find someone to replace her and manage the restaurant while she takes care of me and my needs . I use to hear my parents quarreled at times and i knew it was because of my situation , and they will fight at times and i knew i had become a burden for them .So my father decided to cheer me up. So he return home one evening on December and asked me where i wanted us to spend Xmas. I told him i wanted to go see London since i have always wanted to go there when i grew up . He planned everything and on December 17/12/2000 we traveled to London . When we arrived London , at the airport my father made an acquaintance with a British pilot who told him he used to have his own daughter with the same condition and she was cured but when he tried to tell the doctor what actually cured his own daughter he refused to admit it . So he decided not to go public with the information because he did not wanted to be held responsible for bringing in herbal medicine that has not been approved as cure for those with MS(multiple sclerosis). So my father made contact with the person he was told to contact by the pilot and 1 year 2 months later i was back on my feet and healthy again.Sorry if i can not explain everything , because i rather write my life and journey like a book.There is a look that i left out here. I only want you all to know there is a 100% possibility you can be cured from (MS) without no symptoms again . I talk from time to time to the son of the late Mr that help me get cured . I think he will be willing to help other people as well. Am sharing this information on forums now because as am writing other patients are currently receiving the same treatment i got . And it cost 10,000 euro(11,300 dollars).

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