Since June my son has had daytime wetting issues. It started off with one accident a day to now having 7 or 8 accidents a day.
We have been to the Dr, handed numerous urine samples in to be told there is no infection present. I asked for antibiotics anyway to see if it made any difference and it was a dramatic change. 1 accident a day, one day we even stayed dry! Then again once off the antibiotics it got worse again.
Another sample in, it showed 18 white blood cells but no infection. More antibiotics but was told if there was no improvement to please stop taking them. Within 24 hours it was a massive change again – we had about 4 dry days in the week he was on the antibiotics but again once off them, it has been awful again.
We are awaiting a referral to go to the hospital but because of Covid this is proving to take some time!
We are now on Oxybutynin twice a day to see if that helps. Has anyone else been in the same sort of situation?
He has always had issues with constipation which we have been on laxitives for a couple of months now which has helped the pooing significantly but the pees are still awful. Its affecting our family life and school life