I have been suffering with episodes of sudden intense pressure in my groin and cannot hold my bladder. I have never leaked my full bladder but every time i can’t completely hold it and I lose some urine, and it’s like a high pressure squirt. I’ve been using shaped pads from a local disability supplies store with plastic pants, so all in all I’m pretty miserable and I have a doctors appointment next week which I’m stressed about. I hate the idea of discussing the problem or having any kind of examination especially wearing a pad, but I’m stressed out with it. It nearly always happens at home, though also I will leak a little after most toilet visits too. It’s like the minute I turn the key in my front door the pressure starts, after being fine during the journey home. Running the water and opening the fridge triggers it to, and also getting up in the night and not making it to the bathroom without a leak happens too. Really confused as to what is causing this and why it follows this pattern. Does anyone relate to this and can advise me? I’m 49 and have never had any problems like this before, and apart from IBS I don’t have health issues.

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