I have been 100% incontinent since 2010 and have a artificial sphincter since 2011.
My original AUS, (implanted 2011) lost effectiveness in two years so a revision was done using a smaller urethral cuff. I reluctantly had another revision (early this year, 2019), this time changing all of the parts including moving the cuff to a new position. The ole demon of urethral atrophy has already started again and has me thinking about a full time catheter, possibly a supra pubic. I say a supra pubic because I can not have a urtehal catheter more than a couple of days due to having the cuff around my urethra.
So can anybody shed light on the supra pubic. All that i find on this subject is for people with spinal injury and more or less in a wheel chair. I am 75 years old but still active involved in outdoor activietes and not in a chair.
I wear a condom catherter when I am traveling of going out but this is limited to more more than two days in a rwo. I would like to have a bag in a closed sytem.

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