Hi, I suffer from some heavy post micturition dribble and possible OAB (have been referred to a urologist) (and also have suspected IBS-A – yay, go me!). I started using products at the beginning of the year to manage it and in spite of the initial embarrassment they’ve really helped. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect product (even though I know it probably doesn’t exist). I’ve basically found that in terms of protection, odour concealment, comfort, ease of changing when out and about and discretion that in spite of the potential noise, plastic backed slips (i.e. nappies) are the best (I’ve been using Tena).

The only issue I have is that in spite of the two-tape system, the tabs can be really awkward to reseal. I tried the Tena Flex products but found that the same absorption was much bulkier and the velcro tabs ended up really digging into my skin. I was wondering if there’s such a thing as a plastic backed nappy/slip with resealable tapes like the flex. Bar the dribbling, I’m mostly able to get to the toilet in time whilst at home. The only ones I’ve found online that seem to be like that are Tykables and whilst I’ve ordered a sample out of desperation, let’s just say that they aren’t plain/medical ones and I wouldn’t want to wear them out and about! Any help would be much appreciated!

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