My husband has problems keeping his backside clean because of a stroke leaving him with no use of right hand/arm. Being overweight, his trousers often slip down, and he can’t pull them up effectively. This means that, if I’m not there to help, he can leave faecal stains when he sits down – as well as a certain amount of ‘exposure’ in public. Also mild dementia means he’s not fully aware of the problem.
He wears pull-up trousers, as he can’t manage a fly. If he wore a belt or braces, he’d have to unfasten them when he goes to the loo (whether standing or sitting), and wouldn’t be able to fasten them afterwards – again, unless I’m there to help.
I’ve thought about incontinence wear, but I can’t see how they’d stay up where his normal trousers and underwear don’t. The padded pants I got from Age UK look much too big (size chosen as same waist measurement as his normal pants) – he hasn’t tried them on as I’m thinking I should send them back, but I just don’t know what size to ask for.
I currently have work commitments 3 days a week, and he goes to a day centre on those days. When I work from home, I can drive him there and back, but he’s been going by taxi when I’m out for the day. He has now been blacklisted by the taxi firm, because of soiling their car seats. If other taxis have the same problem, I won’t be able to carry on working away from home, which would probably mean giving up work.
Any advice would be very gratefully received.
Many thanks

Janet Gibbs

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