Hi, I’m looking for something suitable for my Dad who’s 88 and has light urinary incontinence. I suspect a fair amount of it is waiting too long to go to the loo and maybe some dribbling after passing urine.
My Mum who’s 82 and not in the best health herself is his main carer and is finding he needs to wear a clean pair of boxers during the night and another clean pair during the day, plus she’s having to wash his trousers every day.
I accept that Dad’s probably going to have to ditch the boxer shorts in favour of something closer fitting, but I’m not sure, bearing in mind he walks with a stick and isn’t very dexterous due to arthritis in his hands and it takes him longer to do things, whether it’s best to just buy some regular pants and use adhesive pads, or get some pants with a pouch.
He needs something that won’t make it more difficult for him to pee at the toilet. Obviously ATM he wears boxers, so it’s easy, but anything with a pad I assume will mean he has to pull the pants down?
Also need to be fairly easy to manage the pads for Mum (Dad won’t b able to do it) as she also has arthritis in her hands and also some numbness in her fingers.
Thanks for any help

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