I hope this does not come off as intrusive, but I am a design student looking to do my next project around incontinence and absorbent underwear as it affects so many people. If you are willing to share, I have a few questions that could help with my research:

– What are your preferred terms for the products you use (eg. incontinence underwear, absorbent underwear)?
– What are the main issues with products that are currently available?
– What product works best for you (eg. pads, underwear…), and why?
– Is reusable absorbent underwear appealing to you? This already seems to be popular for children’s nappies and period products, but I have also seen a couple of brands that offer underwear for light bladder leaks targeted primarily at women.
– Does the idea of specially designed trousers sound appealing? These could offer either a second layer of protection, help mask the shape of underwear, or provide easier access.

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