…and if they did they wouldn’t care…

I know this forum seems to be more for questions rather than comments but, after seeing so many people fret about the issue (and delaying wearing during the day because of my own concerns I thought I’d post.

I have been wearing slips at night all my life (43 now). I should have started wearing in the day 5 years ago but held off for 2 years because of paranoia/shame/etc. That was a mistake.

Some friends and family know I wear and always assure me that it’s inconspicuous, but I thought they were just being sweet. After 2 years of embarrassing incidents I took the plunge and started wearing 24/7. Best decision I ever made and I wish I did it sooner.

I no longer spend a chunk of the day planning toileting, hunting down coffee shops or disabled loos or sneak behind bushes to pee. It’s like I have total freedom again and I love it.

Last week I told 3 friends who didn’t know. They never noticed at all! Honestly… They were even surprised that I was wearing then as they couldn’t tell. They were very sympathetic (and finally understood why I’m awkward at dating and the like).

I’m skinny and wear normal slim fit jeans (not jeggings!!!). Underneath I wear a Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima with a Lille insert and a pair of plastic pants.

Point being: that’s about as bulky as it gets for an incontinent person’s undies and I don’t wear baggy tracksuits to hide them and NOBODY HAS NOTICED!!!!

So if you are holding off from getting proper protection through fear of being embarrassed, please trust me, nobody will ever know unless you tell them. My life is so much better as a result and the fact my friends reacted so well shows that society isn’t as bothered as we ourselves might be!


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