hi everyone. my daughter’s taking me away soon to Greece. I really can’t wait. however, it is a 4 hour flight and I haven’t been on a plan since I was 12.. I’m now 69. I know this doesn’t sound a long time, however planes are different to cars. In a car, I can plan my journey around service stations and I know exactly how long a journey will take. The plane could be delayed…the seat belt sign could stay on for ages or the toilet could be out or order. I now have both urinary and faecal incontinence after an operation which is a nightmare for stuff like this.
I’m dreading being stuck in my seat if I have an accident, I know I have protection but it just makes me feel so dirty and unsanitary.
Has anyone with incontinence here flown on a plane before?? And does anyone have any tips…this would be useful to me as I’m embarrassed talking to my daughter about it!!

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