so I will start by saying, I’m not a hippy. I dont go hugging treees… however of late in the news, we hear more and more about climate change. due to the impact of humans on the earth…
this got me thinking.
each pad I use takes 500 years to decompose. and in that time the absorbent chemicals within it will have leached in to the surounding water. It makes me think that reusable, might be a more ecologiclly sound choice. I use between 4 and 5 pads a day, even if i could use one resuable a day it would decrease my impact on our planet. i am struggling to find stockist in the UK of reusable producs. i have some on the way from the US, but the shipping alone makes them expensive. and i dont yet know if they are any good. Does anyone else. share my love for our planit. and have any options for me????

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