This is sort of embarrassing to write but I feel I can post it in here and preserve my dignity.

Over the past few years I have suffered from frequent bouts of stomach upsets which has resulted in me having to rush for the nearest bathroom without warning and, on some occasions, I have not made it in time which has resulted in some accidents and ensuing anxiety and embarrassment.

A couple of months ago I was admitted to hospital with some heart trouble and was temporarily bed bound. I could feel my stomach starting to cramp and I felt the tell-tale warning signs of a stomach upset occurring. When I mentioned to hospital staff about previous accidents, my anxiety of not reaching the toilet in time, and the potential for another accident, they presented me with the option of utilising incontinence pads. Strangely, this did alleviate my anxiety, as if I were to have an accident, it would be safely contained and my dignity would be intact. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had another accident later that day whilst wearing the pads and had less anxiety due to this.

My concern and anxiety about going to the doctor is that firstly, it might be some form of stomach/bowel cancer, and secondly, which is my greatest anxiety is that the doctor might suggest that I use pads on a more frequent basis when there is a risk of an accident.

I am just wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue or had a similar experience and could lend their words of wisdom.

Best wishes,

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