I’m 24 and a guy and back in March I caught coronavirus, I wasn’t very well with this at the time and spent about a week in hospital for recovery. Now due to how unwell I was my memory isn’t the best but I do remember that it was during this time I started wetting myself when I was asleep. Never in my adult life I had an accident. I believe I have always had a weaker bladder because I have always had frequent trips to the loo. Now we are in well nearly November. I have continued to wet myself most nights. I will have leaks during the day if I don’t keep on top of going to the loo. Just it seems odd that after an illness this has occurred and now just seems to be getting progressively worse. Is there any treatments for this or will I have to just manage this with things like nappies as my GP was very disinterested when I brought it up.

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