Dear all,
We are a group of four biomedical sciences students from the Netherlands (Maastricht University) and we would like to improve the quality of life of patients with urinary incontinence in the Netherlands.Therefore, we would like to ask you a few questions to better understand how urinary incontinence affects your life and what improvements you would wish for.

We would be very happy if as many of you as possible will answer our questions.

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,

Bibi, Saskia, Fiona and Buse

When did your urinary incontinence start? How long have you been suffering from it?
What was the cause of your urinary incontinence?
What does your average day look like?
How does urinary incontinence affect you at work, personal life and relationships? Negative/ positive consequences?
How does it affect your emotional situation?
What disturbs you the most?
How does COVID-19 affect your daily routine regarding urinary incontinence?
What kind of help do you have currently?
How has this forum helped you?
What do you need to improve in the handling of urinary incontinence? What do you need from society, doctors, your relatives?
Why do you need it?