Hi there, I live in Australia but I thought this UK forum might be able to assist. I’m travelling to Spain in a couple of months and am hoping to restock my pad supply along the way. I normally wear Moliform, which is a Hartmann product (a German company, I think). Does anybody know whether I’ll be able to get this product in Spain? Otherwise, is there a good alternative that can be purchased in a pharmacy? I have urge incontinence, so I need something with a generous capacity – I don’t wear a full slip, but I definitely need more than a pad for stress incontinence. Here’s a link to my usual choice, which has a capacity of about 2 litres or more: https://www.hartmann.info/en-au/products/continence/pads/anatomic-pads-for-severe-incontinence/molicare-premium-form
Normally I would take a big suitcase and bring everything I need with me. However, I’m going to be away for over a month this time, and I need about 100 pads… I dream of being one of those people who can travel with carry-on luggage only…

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