I am a 56-year-old woman. I don’t have true incontinence as I can hold my bladder and get to the toilet in time but I have a problem when I actually pass urine.

When I am urinating, my urine stream is all over the place and when I’ve finished I am dripping wet down below and I have to dry myself with quite a bit of toilet paper before pulling my pants up. I find it upsetting and embarrassing and I wonder if other women have this problem as no one talks about it. For this reason I wear pantyliners in my pants for extra hygiene. I have a boyfriend and I have to wash my vulva with soap to feel clean and fresh before we have sex. I don’t want my boyfriend to smell urine on me when we are intimate as it would put him off and be embarrassing for me.

My doctor tested my urine and I don’t have an infection. I don’t have any other problem apart from that with my urine flow. I have been advised to do pelvic floor exercises but how do I do them as I don’t know?

What can I do to improve my flow of urine when I go to the toilet? Is there anyone I can speak to who can advise me on this?

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